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All the Telecom policies are posted here in one of the suitable sub categories. This page is intended to disseminate the various information about various Telecom policy decision taken in the Railway Board.

Policy Letters Issued in 2010-11

  1. RB/Tele/4/2010 Download - Proportionate fibre Maintenance Charges payable to RCIL for the year 2009-10
  2. RB/Tele/3/2010 Download - Use of Quad Cable for Telecom & Signaling applications.
  3. RB/Tele/1/2010 Download - Fixation of rates for OFC maintenance charges to RailTel Corporation for 2008-09.

Policy Letters Issued in 2009-10

  1. RB/Tele/3/2009 Download - Proportionate fiber maintenance charges payable to RCIL for 2006-7 and 2007-08.
  2. RB/Tele/2/2009 Download - CUG facility while on long duration Training.
  3. RB/Tele/1/2009 Download - Policy for Broadband.

Policy Letters Issued in 2008-09

  1. RB/Tele/4/2008 Download - Fixation of STM-4 Bandwidth Rates
  2. RB/Tele/3/2008 Download - Provision of CUG Phones on Indian Railways
  3. RB/Tele/2/2008 Download - Fixation of STM-4 Bandwidth Rates
  4. RB/Tele/1/2008 Download - Fixation of Internet Bandwidth Rates

Policy Letters Issued in 2007-08

  1. RB/Tele/6/2007 Download - Execution of works by RailTel-Review of payment terms
  2. RB/Tele/5/2007 Download - Recommendation of High level Committee on Disaster Management
  3. RB/Tele/4/2007 Download - Enlarging the scope of CUG Phones System
  4. RB/Tele/3/2007 Download - Guidelines for utilizing Walkie-Talkie/VHF sets on Indian Railway
  5. RB/Tele/2/2007 Download - Payment of Revenue Share & Maintenance Charges by RailTel
  6. RB/Tele/1/2007 Download - Policy for Broadband

Policy Letters Issued in 2006-07

  1. RB/Tele/6/2006 Download - Policy for laying Quad Cable along with OFC
  2. RB/Tele/4/2006 Download - Enlarging the scope of CUG phones
  3. RB/Tele/3/2006 Download - Inspection of Telecom items as per TEC specification
  4. RB/Tele/2/2006 Download - Laying of OFC cable in the duct
  5. RB/Tele/1/2006 Download - Introduction of Optical Fibre Communication (OFC) System-Reorganization of Telecom Cadre

Policy Letters Issued in 2005-06

  1. RB/Tele/2/2005 Download - Provision of Phone at stations/Locations-Fixed WLL Telephones

Policy Letters Issued in 2004-05

Policy Decision Subject Wise

  • RailTel
  • MTRC
  • Railnet
  • Public Amenities
  • Broadband
  • CUG Phones
  • VHF