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Telecom Manual

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Chapter I Download Organization of the Signal & Telecommunication Department.docx File
Chapter II Download Role of PTCC & PTCC Manual .docx File
Chapter III Download Role of WPC & SACFA Clearances.docx File
Chapter IV Download Communication requirement for new stations.docx File
Chapter V DownloadTrain Traffic Control.docx File
Chapter VI DownloadVideo Surveillance System.docx File
Chapter VII DownloadLine Plant Systems - Overhead & Underground Cable.docx File
Chapter VIII Download Line Plant Systems - Communication through RE Cable.docx File
Chapter IX DownloadTelephone Exchange & Trunk Exchange.docx File
Chapter X Download Quad Cable based Control Communication System.docx File
Chapter XI DownloadRadio Communication (VHF).docx File
Chapter XII Download Multichannel Radio System.docx File
Chapter XIII DownloadOptical Fiber Communication System.docx File
Chapter XIV DownloadDigital Multiplexing Equipment.docx File
Chapter XV Download Data Network.docx File
Chapter XVI Download Power Plant Systems for Telecom Installations.docx File
Chapter XVII DownloadAccident Communiaction.docx File
Chapter XVIII DownloadMobile Communication (GSM-R).docx File
Chapter XIX Download Yard Communication System.docx File
Chapter XX DownloadSound Distribution System.docx File
Chapter XXI DownloadPassenger Information System.docx File
Chapter XXII DownloadSatellite Communication System.docx File
Chapter XXIII DownloadProtection of Telecom Equipments against lighting.docx File
Chapter XXIV DownloadInstruction for Protection to Staff.docx File
Chapter XXV DownloadFault Control Proceedures.docx File
Chapter XXVI DownloadInspection.docx File
Chapter XXVII DownloadPainting.docx File
Chapter XXVIII DownloadDrawing & Specifications.docx File
Chapter XXIX DownloadBooks of Reference