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VHF Walkie-Talkie Sets

25W Walkie Talkie Sets at Block Stations

Indian Railways provide Walkie-Talkie sets at its stations. As per policy these are to be provided at all block stations on double and multiple line BG section. Refer here Download for details.

This policy was further revised to extend the provision of 25W VHF sets on the balance stations of BG single line, MG single and double line and Mixed 2-line sections on Indian Railways on the basis of local needs. Funds are to be arranged through 'Revenue'. Refer here Download for details.

5W Walkie Talkie Sets

Railways started providing 5W Walkie Talkie sets to Drivers and Guards of Mail/Express? Trains. This Download is the authority for the same. It was then extended to Drivers and Guards of all Trains through this Download authority.

Frequency plan for the VHF sets

This Download policy letter advises the frequency planning for the use of VHF sets on Indian Railways is this. It details the way and the policies for usage of the walkie-talkie sets on IR.